The Galleries

Pictures of these Galleries are available as prints on request in sizes up to 70 cm per 100 cm in various surfaces and qualities. Please ask.

"Guade Gsichta" aka "Funny Faces"

"Guade Gsichta" is the viennese colloquial term for "Funny Faces" An ongoing projekt of Austrian Cabaret artists - in collaboartion with the Viennese Stage "Kulisse".

Last Day of Aspern Airfield

Vienna´s former Airport, also famous Racecourt - due to city expansion it had to make place for a new part of the city. Its last day captured.

La Mer

On my countless trips to the sea I always was fascinated by the wonderful shapes of it and also of the feeling of being something very small.

Good old times

Always thinking, in former days it was better - it only was different….

Royal Gardens Schönbrunn at lockdown

during "normal" years overrun from thousands of tourists - getting an really empty garden is almost impossible. A strange but pleasant feeling being all alone.

Off Season

We all know the beauty of summervacation and the according pictures. But only few know what´s going on the rest of the year - some impressions here.

Kitchen Aid 3C

Getting hold of an old Kitchen Aid 3C - those curves….

The Lake

Located in the Southeast of Austria is the Neusiedler See - a fantastic place to letting go of the fast city-life Viennese-style

Lines in nature

Lines of industrial harvesting in the chaotic nature

Things on water

walking with open eyes there is a lot to discover